Communicating Effectively Across Differences
WordSmooth is a leader in the fields of communication, inclusion, and diversity. We offer communications education, consulting, and writing & editing for our diverse world.

Harvesting Respect learning sessions and consultation services by WordSmooth help employees, students, and parents communicate effectively across differences.

We focus on proven strategies to develop internal, interpersonal, and organizational behaviors that are the core building blocks of a truly effective organization.

Planning, managing, and problem-solving all go so much smoother when team members start from a place of respect for each other's perspectives and experiences.

Recent Learning Session Comments

"Engaging and inspiring." 

"Fresh and relevant." 

"Enjoyable yet thought-provoking." 

"I am beginning to see people in a different light."

"I'm so glad that I attended because it helped me to be more aware of personal feelings that I didn't realize were there." 

“After attending the session, I understand how to directly address comments that cause conflict that may be offensive.”

"A male student recently came to me very upset, started to cry... a very similar situation as one that was spoken about at our session. I don’t think I would have known how to handle it had I not been to the session!!!!!"

"After attending the session, I was Enlightened. Everyone can benefit from this class in every area of life and in every work place not just in the school systems."
Get the most from your organization's diversity
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"This program will meet and exceed your expectations!"
- Dr. Jerry Cook, Former Superintendent
Duncanville ISD


Senior educator Jeanae Beal discusses the Mind Flex skill "Use the Problem."

Verrrry interesting!

Our diversity communications handbook is recommended by the Washington State School Directors' Association, the Kansas Psychological Association, and the Council of Colleges of Arts and Sciences at the The College of William and Mary.  More info here .